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Scorpion SmartB Camera 29x1.8/2.2 F42

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The Pirelli Scorpion SmarTUBE 29" is a MTB inner tube designed to offer the best balance between puncture resistance, low weight and space efficiency. Here are its distinctive features:

Main features:

  1. MTB use: Designed specifically for mountain bikes, it is ideal for tackling marathon, trail and enduro routes, providing safety and reliability in demanding conditions.

  2. Smartube Series: Belonging to Pirelli's Smartube series, it exploits the innovative characteristics of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) to offer superior performance.

  3. Reinforced TPU Material: Uses reinforced TPU instead of traditional butyl, offering puncture resistance, low weight and compactness.

  4. Presta Valve (Smooth): Equipped with a smooth Presta valve, it ensures easy inflation and deflation.

  5. Non-Removable Mechanism: Its construction does not include a removable mechanism, ensuring simplicity and practicality of use.

  6. Valve Length 42mm: Suitable for rims of different depths, the valve length is 42mm.

  7. Size 29x1.80-2.20 (ETRTO 46/58-622): Versatile and suitable for a wide range of MTB tire widths.

  8. Weight Declared by the Manufacturer 75 gr.: Its lightness, with a declared weight of 75 grams, makes it an ideal choice for cyclists looking for uncompromising performance.

Compactness and Low Weight:

The Scorpion SmarTUBE is up to 50% more compact than equivalent butyl tubes, making it the perfect choice as a replacement tube. Its low weight does not create discomfort during the most intense driving sessions.

Innovation with TPU:

The adoption of TPU represents a technical innovation that improves the performance of the inner tube both as a replacement and in daily use.

Choice of PRO Riders:

The Scorpion SmarTUBE is the daily choice of Pirelli PRO riders thanks to its light weight and compactness, which make it easily transportable in the jersey pockets or tied to the frame. Whether in competition or training, it is always possible to carry a Scorpion SmarTUBE with you.

Important Note: Not compatible with liquid sealant or "swell and repair" products. In case of punctures or valve defects, do not attempt to repair the inner tube.