Shimano brake disc 203mm Center Lock (I) SM-RT64 +Magnet

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Here are some key features of SHIMANO SM-RT64 disc brake rotors:

  • Powerful, Consistent Performance: Disc brake rotors are designed to deliver powerful, consistent braking performance in various riding conditions.

  • CENTER LOCK Mounting System: Utilize SHIMANO's CENTER LOCK mounting system, which greatly simplifies installation and removal of rotors thanks to the keyed mount and lock ring design.

  • Larger Rotor Option: Larger disc brake rotor option is available to ensure consistent brake performance with more power. Choosing a larger rotor can contribute to greater heat dissipation, thus improving performance on descents and in hard braking situations.

  • Pad Compatibility: The rotors are compatible with both resin and metal pads, giving you flexibility in choosing your braking material based on your preferences and needs.

  • CENTER LOCK Disc Brake Rotor Mount: Repeating the importance of this system, the CENTER LOCK mount greatly simplifies installation and removal, contributing to greater convenience.

Always remember to check compatibility with your braking system and your bicycle before making your purchase.